Welcome at xplore07!

"xplore07" is a three day event on creative sexuality, BDSM, performance and ritual.

It features 42 workshops, demonstrations and performances. It tries to link different experiences and approaches in the field of sensuality, spirituality and ritual and make them accessible to a broader public.

xplore07 is being held for the first time at Schwelle7. Situated in the Hinterhof of a factory in the Uferstr. in Wedding, Schwelle7 stretches over several spacious floors, flooded with light. There is also a sunroof and lounge area in the leafy inner courtyard. Schwelle7 is a non-profit association, which offers workshops, performances and parties throughout the year – between art and BDSM.

This year we have moved away somewhat from purely technical workshops. Understanding, creativity, intelligence and passion: are they not the ultimate sex toys? Are not our bodies and our consciousness the most important instruments of exploration? Role, fetish, outfit, are they not themselves authentic parts of our personalities, of our disclosure and revelation?

This year we have created a program, which foregrounds play and creative form, body awareness and feeling, experiment and reflection. Scene-prominence to a large extent has been renounced, allowing us to present a number of lesser-known teachers, who have convinced us through the originality of their approach. Many workshops have been specially developed for xplore. Of course once again you are invited to our fantastic closing-party.

Welcome to our playground!