Author of "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" and "Wild Side Sex", and her latest ­ erotic science fiction - "Master Han's Daughter" educator and columnist on adventurous sexuality, Midori has travels the world presenting to universities, groups and media.

Midori is known for her humanistic, humorous and warm classes that help people to spice up people's sex lives and encourage self discovery and personal growth. Her weekend intensives called "Women's Sensual Dominance Weekend Intensive" and "Rope Bondage Dojo (TM)" have been sell-out hits for years.

Born in Japan and raised in a feminist intellectual Tokyo household, she served in the US Army while earning her psychology degree from University of California, Berkeley.
Numerous years as a sex educator with San Francisco Sex Information combines with her curiosity and explorations into the sex-positivety movement complete the dynamic blend of experiences that give her such breadth and depth of knowledge in human erotic expression.

Midori has presented at U.C. Berkeley, San Francisco State, Institute for Human Sexuality (San Francisco), Society of Janus, California State University, Northridge, Leatherfest (San Diego), Black Rose (Washington D.C.), Shibari (Las Vegas), QSM (San Francisco), Odyssey (San Jose), (New York), LSM (New York), Exiles (San Francisco), Beyond Vanilla (Dallas), and more.

Her writings and contributions have appeared in Beauty of Fetish (Introduction to the book), Skin Two (UK), Ritual (UK), Secret (Belgium), Spectator (San Francisco), Mademoiselle (US), Sojourner (US), Playboy (US and abroad), Taboo (US), Glamour, San Francisco Chronicle, Village Voice (New York) and other publications as well as a college human sexuality textbook. She is currently working on several books.

Midori has also appeared on several television stations including HBO,Playboy, Peep (German), and others. She was awarded the Woman of the Year Activist Award in 2000 for Pantheon of Leather and again in 2001 for the Western Region Activist award.

Learn more about her at www.fhp-inc.com and www.PlanetMidori.com
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Beyond Twisted: Kink Outside the Box
A sadist must of course be a dominant. A submissive must of course be a masochist. Right? Wrong!
Come along as Midori explodes the standard definitions of kink roles and expands the idea of what kink is all about. In "Beyond Twisted," she maps out a fine-tuned and flexible framework that anyone can use to help describe their deviant desires. And as we all know, that's the first step to fulfilling them!

This is a class for those who don't quite fit into the standard boxes... and for anyone who's curious about their own possibly untapped potential!

Catalytic Scenes and Conscious Perversion: Effecting Personal and Social Change through Play
The passion and heat generated in our scenes are, at times, so powerful that it feels like it could light up an entire city. While SM play as an alternative energy source is not likely to happen any time in the near future, we are aware of it¹s potential for catharsis. Beyond the catharsis of the moment, there is the potential of profound personal growth and even social change in leathersex. This exploratory discussion intends to cover some of the following:
- Can you plan for such scenes? If so how?
- What are the ethical challenges of planning and affecting such scenes?
- What separates positive vs destructive change?
- How can social change come about from personal play?
- If your scene creates change, personal or social, what are your responsibilities, if any?
- Discussion of long term impacts of such play.
- What if such play leads you to pause or leave Leather?
- Place of personal and group ritual scenes in creating change

Finding and playing with your persona
Free your inner selves! Who's trapped inside of your shell? Which part of you do you want to free in the dungeon or bedroom? Evil doctor, gleeful child, scared kid, femme fetal, super hero, shaman, wolf or the unspeakable monster?

Join Midori in this fun, new class! Through various exercises work on finding your various play personas. Then, with interactive exercises learn to tap into and express the potential of magic and self actualization in the realm of pleasure and pain.